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Creating Capacity to Lead for Equity - virtual learning Mar 09
How can you leverage your role as administrator or teacher leader to effect change toward equity and anti-racism? Acquire and develop strategies and skills to engage in conversations that invite your colleagues to take steps on your shared journey toward equity literacy and cultural proficiency. The scenario, practice-based approach will take you through iterative cycles of learning, practice, application, reflection, and feedback. Participants will have an opportunity to build upon their intercultural competence based on an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment.
Stand, Feet Firm for Equity - virtual learning Mar 25
Engage in a three-part executive coaching series regarding the call for those in upper administrative roles to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion, even if they don't have racially diverse districts. Diversity involves more than race, so it is ever present. Engage in reflective activities and strategies to initiate or evaluate your strategic plans regarding equity in your district. Incorporating restorative practices, this session is designed to push and wrap around participants, as well as immerse them in interactive scenarios that will strengthen their confidence to stand for diversity, equity and inclusion, regardless of the opposition at hand. By the end of the session, you will have the tools to stand, feet firm for equity.
Spring Legal Lab - virtual learning Apr 16
Hands-on experiences using case studies and actual events. Facilitator: Matt Carver, J.D., SAI
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The Wallace Foundation recently released "How Principals Affect Students and Schools: A Systematic Synthesis of Two Decades of Research." Its findings include, "​​​​​​​​An effective principal’s impact is stronger and broader than previously thought, making it 'difficult to envision' a higher return on investment in K-12 education than the cultivation of high-quality school leadership, according to this research synthesis." | Read More
The 2021 legislative platform was approved November 11 by the Rep Council. These priorities will guide much of SAI's efforts for the session and serve as a road map for the work. As with any session, there will be additional issues that arise that require our attention and focus. We’ll keep you posted with SAI's weekly Legislative Updates | Read More
It’s official!  On November 18, the State Board of Education adopted the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders as Iowa’s ... | Read More
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Legal Issues

Student residency column from Jan. '21 SAI Report 🔒(members-only content)

COVID-19 forms and guidance 🔒(members-only content)

Title IX
Compliance information provided by the Iowa Department of Education.

Student vaping as published in Oct. '18 SAI Report 🔒(members-only content)
Considerations for schools regarding e-cigarette use.

Custody issues webinar 🔒(members-only content)
SAI Legal Services Director Matt Carver covers frequently asked questions regarding child custody in this 11-minute video.

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