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School Law Conference - virtual learning Feb 11
Featuring presentations on Chapter 103, Title IX, legislative update, Department of Education and Board of Educational Examiners. Facilitators: Iowa's leading education law attorneys
Building a Contagious Culture [Intentional Energetic Presence Fundamentals*] Feb 23
Are you having the impact you want? Do you feel the way you want? Do people follow you because of your title or because they want to? Are you living your values? The key to a resounding “Yes” response to these questions is in how you show up. The way we lead ourselves and our energy—or don’t—has a tremendous effect on our ability to create impact.
Leading While Female - virtual learning Feb 25
Deepen your understanding of culturally proficient leadership specific to gender equity through reading, reflecting on, and discussing this recent book by Trudy Arriaga, Stacie Stanley, and Delores Lindsey. Connect and engage with colleagues to discuss barriers to gender equity leadership, pathways forward, and next steps to increasing the number and diversity of women in the principalship and superintendency.
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Recent News

The 2021 legislative platform was approved November 11 by the Rep Council. These priorities will guide much of SAI's efforts for the session and serve as a road map for the work. As with any session, there will be additional issues that arise that require our attention and focus. We’ll keep you posted with SAI's weekly Legislative Updates | Read More
It’s official!  On November 18, the State Board of Education adopted the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders as Iowa’s ... | Read More
Guidance and information from the Iowa DE, Iowa Public Information Board and others. | Read More
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Legal Issues

Student residency column from Jan. '21 SAI Report πŸ”’(members-only content)

COVID-19 forms developed by SAI Legal Services Director πŸ”’(members-only content)

Title IX
Compliance information provided by the Iowa Department of Education.

Student vaping as published in Oct. '18 SAI Report πŸ”’(members-only content)
Considerations for schools regarding e-cigarette use.

Custody issues webinar πŸ”’(members-only content)
SAI Legal Services Director Matt Carver covers frequently asked questions regarding child custody in this 11-minute video.

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