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Building a Contagious Culture [Intentional Energetic Presence Fundamentals*] Sep 05
Are you having the impact you want? Do you feel the way you want? Do people follow you because you're the boss or because they want to? Do you have the culture you want?
Discover Your Strengths Sep 12
Are you leading from the lens of strengths? Are you spending more time focusing on what you've got rather than what you're not? The concept of strengths-based development means much more than simply taking an assessment. It's an entire philosophy for how you lead, manage, teach, learn, and grow. In successful strengths-based organizations, individuals understand their talents and leaders build on team strengths while managing around weaknesses.
Brain-Aligned Learning and Discipline Oct 08
Many of our students walk into our schools carrying significant amounts of adversity and trauma. In this workshop, gain relational and brain-aligned strategies and discipline that up-regulate positive emotions while down-regulating the negative and toxic experiences and feelings students may bring to school.
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This year SAI is offering three options to help improve your overall health and well-being. Sign up for: Weekly Health eTips, a 30-Day Challenge or the 16-Week Challenge. | Read More
Iowa school districts are required by § chapter 284A.5 to have a mentoring and induction plan for beginning principals and persons new to the superintendency regardless of whether you have a beginning administrator in any given year. | Read More
Brad Buck has been elected to the School Administrators of Iowa Executive Committee. | Read More
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Legal Issues

Title IX

Compliance information provided by the Iowa Department of Education.

Student vaping as published in Oct. '18 SAI Report 🔒(members-only content)

Considerations for schools regarding e-cigarette use.

Custody issues webinar 🔒(members-only content)

SAI Legal Services Director Matt Carver covers frequently asked questions regarding child custody in this 11-minute video.

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