SAI Leadership Coaching Program


The SAI Leadership Coaching Program is an individualized coaching partnership between a building principal or district-level leader and their SAI coach established for the purpose of unlocking potential and jointly achieving prioritized personal and organizational goals. Your SAI Coach will partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that helps you break through barriers and focus on the actions necessary to achieve your desired results as a leader. Working with your coach, you can expect to enhance your leadership skills, amplify your impact, and foster sustainable change within your building or district.


The SAI Leadership Coaching Program includes six, 12 or 18 one-hour coaching sessions. Sessions will be conducted either virtually or via phone depending on the participant’s preference. Once registered, you will connect with your coach to co-create the coaching relationship, design the schedule and establish agreements for the overall coaching engagement as well as those for each coaching session.


Leaders have several packages from which to choose:

  • 6 sessions - $1,500 
  • 12 sessions - $2,800 ($200 discount) 
  • 18 sessions - $4,100 ($400 discount) 
Our coaches

All coaches have been trained through an International Coaching Federation Accredited Program. Current coaches include Dr. Lisa Remy and Dr. Dana Schon. Two additional coaches are currently engaged in training.

Do you need approval to participate? 

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6 sessions

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12 sessions

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18 sessions

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