A History of SAI

SAI is the successor of three former organizations—each of which first started in the early 1970s when the administrators dissolved their relationship with the Iowa State Education Association.

The Iowa Association of School Administrators was the first group to leave the ISEA (July 1, 1970). Their first full-time executive director was Boyd Shannon, long-time superintendent at Monticello. He was succeeded by Lyle Kehm, superintendent at Urbandale, on July 1, 1974. E. Kelly Schlapkohl, former superintendent at Washington, took over the helm in 1984 and served as executive director of IASA until the merger with EAI in 1987. Kelly served as associate executive director of SAI until his retirement in December of 1993. 

Following is a list of superintendents who served as presidents of IASA (starting with their first year as an independent organization):

1970-71, Bill Diedrichsen, Tipton
1971-72, Alvin Leuthauser, Cresco
1972-73, Ken Sand, Shenandoah
1973-74, Vance Stead, Le Mars
1974-75, Keith O'Connell, Turkey Valley
1975-76, Orville Frazier, Harlan
1976-77, R. Wesley Carlson, Humboldt
1977-78, Dale Mulford, Grundy Center
1978-79, James Poulter, Anamosa
1979-80, L. James Doud, Harris-Lake Park
1980-81, Bill Hutchison, Hartley
1981-82, Jim Robinson, Cedar Falls
1982-83, Merrit Parsons, Pleasant Valley
1983-84, Mel Grell, Sioux City
1984-85, Perry Uhl, Roland-Story City
1985-86, Wayne Drexler, Western Dubuque
1986-87, Bill Lepley, Council Bluffs 

The Iowa Association of Secondary School Principals became an independent association on July 1, 1971. Delmer H. Battrick was the executive secretary. Robert Fitzsimmons assumed the role of executive director on July 1, 1972, and served in that capacity until IASSP merged with the Iowa Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals on July 1, 1983. Following is a list of principals who served as presidents of IASSP:

1971-72, Ernie Doeringsfeld, Urbandale HS
1972-73, Robert Schmidt, Jefferson HS
1973-74, Lacey Spriggs, Brody JH, Des Moines
1974-75, Don Gunderson, Red Oak HS
1975-76, Tom Drake, South Tama JH, Toledo
1976-77, Ken Lemke, Franklin JH, Cedar Rapids
1977-78, Paul Olson, Forest City HS
1978-79, Les Huth, Webster City HS 
1979-80, Don Carlson, Ames JH
1980-82, Ken Steine, College Community HS (served as president for two years: 1980-81 and 1981-82)
1982-83, John Corkery, Linn-Mar JH

The Iowa Association of Elementary School Principals (name changed to include "Middle" in later years) left the ISEA on July 1, 1973. Gaylord Tryon, former elementary school principal in Ames, was appointed executive director. Following is a list of elementary principals who served as presidents of IAESP:

1973-74, John Fritz, Mason City
1974-75, Jim Doud, Price Lab School, Cedar Falls
1975-76, Morris Graber, Sioux City
1976-77, Roger Swanson, MFL
1977-78, Ron Meals, Ames
1978-79, Gene Beilke, Marshalltown
1979-80, Roger Bohning, Roland-Story City
1980-81, Ron Spurlin, Johnston
1981-82, Bill Hall, Dubuque
1982-83, Don Black, Newton 

IASSP and IAESP merged on July 1, 1983, to form the Educational Administrators of Iowa. Gaylord Tryon was appointed executive director; Robert Fitzsimmons was appointed associate executive director. Following is a list of individuals who served as presidents of EAI:

1983-84, Bob Blasi, high school principal, Glenwood
1984-85, David Brauhn, elementary principal, College Community
1985-86, Ken Lemke, junior high principal, Cedar Rapids
1986-87, Jim Deignan, high school principal, Sioux City

On Sept. 1, 1987, School Administrators of Iowa came into being with the merger of EAI and IASA. Gaylord Tryon was appointed executive director. Kelly Schlapkohl and Robert Fitzsimmons were appointed associate executive directors. Robert Fitzsimmons assumed the role of Coordinator of Professional Services in 1988. Following is a list of individuals who served as presidents of SAI:

1987-88, Sandra Lawrence, elementary principal, Iowa City
1988-89, Dale Grabinski, superintendent, West Des Moines
1989-90, Bill Tyne, high school principal, Storm Lake
1990-91, John Mandernach, middle school principal, Le Mars
1991-92, Don Gunderson, superintendent, Dike
1992-93, Dom Grasso, high school principal, Oelwein
1993-94, Diane Weitz, elementary principal, Council Bluffs
1994-95, Jim Blietz, chief administrator, AEA 13, Council Bluffs
1995-96, Cheryl Jensen, elementary principal, Ames
1996-97, Jim Sogard, high school principal, Eldora-New Providence
1997-98, Tom Williams, superintendent, Muscatine
1998-99, Steve Fuglsang, elementary principal, Camanche
1999-00, Gerald Waugh, superintendent, Grundy Center
2000-01, Phil Hintz, superintendent, Newton
2001-02, Cyndi Morgan, elementary principal, Cedar Falls
2002-03, Dennis Heiman, high school principal, Muscatine
2003-04, Veronica Stalker, superintendent, Waukee
2004-05, Mandy Ross, elected while serving as elementary principal, Ames
2005-06, Dan Moore, high school principal, Sergeant Bluff-Luton
2006-07, Joe Crozier, chief administrator, AEAs 15 & 16 
2007-08, Jeff Hiser, elected while serving as elementary principal, Stanton
2008-09, Brad Buck, elected while serving as middle school principal, Waukee
2009-10, Theron Schutte, superintendent, Boone
2010-11, Linda Reysack, elementary principal, Cedar Rapids
2011-12, Angela Huseman, high school principal, Tri-Center
2012-13, Roark Horn, chief administrator, AEA 267
2013-14, Patty Morris, elementary principal, Corning
2014-15, Deron Durflinger, high school principal and superintendent, Van Meter
2015-16, Tim Kuehl, superintendent, Clear Creek-Amana
2016-17, Paul Wenger, elementary principal, West Des Moines
2017-18, Kirk Johnson, elected while serving as high school principal, Waukee 
2018-19, Dan Cox, elected while serving as superintendent, Charles City
2019-20, Rick Varney, elementary principal, Decorah
2020-21, Cindy Barwick, middle level principal, Sheldon
2021-22, Brad Buck, superintendent, Waukee
2022-23, Dan Butler, elected while serving as elementary principal, Western Dubuque
2023-24, Jason Toenges, high school principal, Union